EndoSnake Bore-scope: Great addition to any range bag or tool box.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

EndoSnake Bore-Scope with M&P AR-15 and Glock 19 Gen4

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The EndoSnake bore-scope is claimed to be the world’s smallest bore-scope at 3.9mm. Designed with input from military and LEO members, this scope uses optoelectronic technology to get you into hard-to-reach areas that were previously off-limits to most except for paying high dollar rates to professionals. EndoSnake was kind enough to send me a test scope to review. At 3.9mm, this scope is perfectly sized to fit inside the barrel of an AR-15 patterned rifle chambered in 5.56mm/ .223 NATO. To be honest, when I first was contacted about doing a review on this product, I was flattered, but didn’t think I would have much use for a borescope. After all, I am not a gunsmith. But after receiving the test scope, I have realized how much a scope like this can be used for. I have used it in the last week to inspect the barrels on my weapons, diagnose vehicle problems, and more and more ideas and uses keep coming to mind.

The EndoSnake comes neatly packaged and protected in a travel case.

Derick Coultas from Urban Tactics LLC, Nick from Po Boys Guns and Ammo, and I have all tried this scope and were very impressed by its small size and good picture quality. The EndoSnake borescope is easy to use and operate. It comes neatly packaged in a nice protective case and the entire scope is very compact and easy to fit in a range bag, tool kit, or desk. The standard cable comes with a 3 way connector with USB 1.1/2.0, USB Type - C and USB Type - A to be able to allow the camera to work with multiple phones, tablets, and computers. You can also add on a WiFi box to allow you to connect to your device wirelessly. (Note: the WiFi box is required if you are using an iPhone or iPad) I would recommend getting the WiFi box as it made usage very easy and enjoyable.

At 3.9mm the EndoSnake is the smallest cell phone borescope and is specifically designed to fit AR-15 rifles chambered in 5.56/ .223.

I tested the EndoSnake on both my Android phone and my iPad. Both worked great. I love the versatility of being able to use different devices depending on my needs for the day. The iPad made it really easy to see what was going on inside the barrels of my rifles.

(Image below: WiFi Box and camera plugged in to the port.)

In order to use the device, you must first download the free app MoView from the App Store, or Google Play. the app is fairly simple to use with just a few options. a couple of really nice features are that you can take photos and video directly in the app to save for later review. This comes in handy if you are in a difficult position working on a vehicle and can’t look at your phone or device at that time. It also could come in handy if you are wanting to show a customer problems you found in their barrel.

View of the 3 way adapter.

The EndoSnake bore-scope also comes with a waterproof cap in case you need to submerge the scope, and both a hook attachment, and magnet attachment for removal of foreign objects. the six LED lights around the camera illuminate very well and you are able to dim them or turn them off depending on your need. Other larger scope sizes are available for purchase as well if you need to examine larger bore firearms. In using this scope on both my 5.56 AR-15 and 300 Blackout chambered AR-15, I feel the 3.9mm offering will work well for most any job.

In conclusion, the EndoSnake is an extremely affordable and versatile borescope that most everyone can afford and can possibly save on fees for professional inspections. The scope is a handy too to keep around for various projects that could include checking firearm barrels and making sure rifling is in good condition. It could also work well for diagnosing car problems, plumbing issues, and much more. I am excited to do more work with this little scope.

Check out the video review I did here: I apologize in advance, this was my first review video I've ever tried to do, so it isn't very well polished.

If you are looking to find out more info, visit https://endosnake.com/

Be Sure to use discount code: MMTAC10 for 10% off entire order!

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