FNAR and Browning Bar stock Adapters from Infitech: Simple Conversion for Your Rifle

FNAR and Browning Bar stock Adapters from Infitech: Simple Conversion for Your Rifle

Any good hunter or shooter knows that their gun needs to be in prime condition before a trip. If you're going out there into uncharted territory with a faulty weapon then you only have yourself to blame when things go south. Fortunately we here at Infitech have more than a decade of experience in firearms, components, and getting the most out of your rifle – to keep you out of the danger zone at all times.

We produce a range of premium quality, durable stock adapters that will let you convert any FNAR, Browning Bar MK2 , MK3 or Bar Match rifle to be compatible with an AR stock and a buffer tube – exactly like how you would on an AR-15. Sounds to good to be true? Well it's not. It's real. And you can buy them right now.

New Adapters, New Experiences, New Opportunities.

Here at Infitech we specialize in creating innovative solutions for all your common gun issues.

This is a ground-breaking new technology that we have developed in direct response to what our customers longed for – giving you some idea of the uniqueness of our products. Let's look at some of them in more detail to hammer home how they can convert your FNAR, Browning Bar MK2 , MK3 or Bar Match rifles into that of a similar butt-stock to the AR-15.

The Browning Bar MK3 AR Adapter with Hand Cocking System

This product is machined from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum, a dense, durable metal that will give the product serious longevity. It easily converts your rifle into any AR butt-stock that you like and allows for both fixed and adjustable butt-stocks – as well as multiple usage. This cuts out the gunsmith and refines your rifle to make it more efficient. If it's not a fit we have two other models for you to choose from.

The Browning Bar MK3 AR Adapter Without Hand Cocking

Machined from the same toughened aluminum as it’s predecessor and with many of the same perks, this model comes without the hand cocking system which some hunters find can be unnecessary. It all depends on personal preference – and we have something for everybody. All our adapters are manufactured by Infitech Sweden and designed to our specifications. We can guarantee this will make a difference to your shot.

The Browning Bar MK2 Adaptor for AR Butt-stock

Convert your FNAR, Browning Bar MK2 or Bar Match rifles and mount any butt-stock that you want to with this tough model. The MK2 adapter is easily installed or dismounted, machined in Aluminum, finished with Cerakote Armour in black and is sure to make hunting and shooting a cinch. Once you try one of our stock adapters shooting will never be the same again.

Please remember that our adapters do not include the buffer tube, pistol grip or butt-stock you want to use and these parts will need to be purchased separately... but we already know that they will fit into our specially tailored adapter. Order today and see for yourself!



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