Lessons Learned From Covid-19

The past few months have been a whirlwind with the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. It has affected nearly everyone’s lives to one degree or another and has shut down whole countries. Many areas in the U.S. have been essentially shut down threatening the way of life of most Americans.

Covid-19 has caught many of us with our pants down. Most people did not take the pandemic as seriously as they should have. There are things that we could have done better with beforehand. The good thing is that we can learn these lessons and hopefully improve from them. So what are some of these lessons we can learn?

  1. We should keep enough supplies to get through a short pandemic and/ or natural disaster on hand in our homes.

  2. There would be less reason to panic buy if we slowly build up a stock of the basics during good times. This can be done with just picking up a can or two extra of food per week or so.

  3. Having extra supplies on hand is a buffer we need in our society in order to stay more independent and resilient against hardships.

  4. It is important to build an emergency fund.

  5. More times like these are likely to happen in the future. We should all focus on building up 3-8 months worth of expenses as an emergency fund to get us through tough times so we don’t have to worry about if we have money to pay bills or not during prolonged periods of time off.

  6. Most people do not keep much in savings, much less enough to live off of during times of hardship

  7. We tend to prioritize operating lean in the U.S.

  8. Businesses tend to keep only enough supplies on hand to take care of their expected demand under normal conditions.

  9. This extends to individuals as well. We have become used to being able to run out and pick up anything we need whenever we want.

  10. We have seen how this can work adversely when there is panic buying or any hiccup in the supply chain.

  11. This adds to our need to keep some extra supplies on hand to sustain us during shortages.

  12. We have become too dependent on foreign business.

  13. We have shipped out too much of our manufacturing. This is proving potentially dangerous because we cannot operate solely on our own.

  14. We should try to buy local as much as possible to strengthen our communities.

  15. We can and should work on building our own food sources if at all possible. Start a small garden, learn to can, etc. Save money and eat healthier.

  16. As a society, we struggle with obesity.

  17. This leads to other health problems and puts us at increased risk as a society for pandemics like this.

  18. By making a conscious effort to take control of our health by watching what we eat, and exercising regularly, we can decrease our chances of getting sick and also have more energy to be productive.

  19. Our livelihoods now appear to be controlled by the whim of those in government.

  20. We have seen a forced suspension of business activities that could potentially ruin smaller companies. This is not an easy issue to solve. One potential way to safeguard smaller businesses would be for the business owners to put aside a good 3 plus months of operating expenses in an emergency fund. I think all businesses should have this cushion anyways, but it is especially crucial in these times.

  21. Pandemics are not the most opportune time to stock up on ammo and firearms.

  22. We have seen how quickly ammo has flown out of stock in nearly all stores. The ones that still are taking orders are either price gouging, or have long lead times.

  23. You can never have enough ammo. It can always be traded or sold if you need to later. Best to stock up on it when it is plentiful and cheap, rather than try to find it when you really need it and it is already sold out.

We have seen many uncertainties come up in the recent weeks. More uncertainties lie in the future. The best thing we can do now, is to figure out what lessons we can learn now and how we might be able to use these hard won lessons to make us stronger and more resilient and self-sufficient in the future. Please comment below or shoot us an email if you can think of more lessons learned, or ways we can improve how we can protect ourselves amid this crisis and others to come in the future.


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