Next Steps After CPL

Next Steps after CPL

“I got my CPL, I should be good now, right??” Guess again… Sorry to say that simply buying a handgun and taking an 8hr course on Concealed carry basics does not mean that you are able to sit back and think that you are ready to defend yourself against any threat that may come your way.

You have taken your first couple of steps into the world of concealed carry, and that is amazing. You realized that there is a need for you to be more proactive and to take a certain amount of responsibility in your personal safety, and that is truly great, but don’t get complacent! You have only scratched the surface of firearms, the law, and self-defense in general. So what are your next steps?

I. Dry fire training.

A. Get yourself into a good dry fire training regimen. You need to get your reps in to build the basics. This is nothing sexy. Work the basics until you can’t mess them up.

You can learn more about building your dry fire training by reading this book.

II. Attend an advanced class

A. Feel free to email us to help you get into advanced training in firearms, Krav Maga or both.

B. Utilize virtual training

You can purchase a Sirt pistol and train at home, or you can use Urban Tactic’s Smokeless Range shooting simulator

III. Do force on force training.

A. You can do this with air-soft guns, or paintball at home.

-Find a training partner or partners to help you out. You can train and help each other out!

B. Come in and train with us in force on force.

C. Do mental exercises

Mental exercises are free to do and you can do them practically anywhere.

Imagine a scenario and go through, in detail, what you would do in that situation.

IV. Join a league.

Competitive shooting is proven to help people perform better in a self-defense situation.

Competitive shooting sports help you learn to think with a gun in your hand and to learn to work well under stress.

There are several different types of leagues that you can join depending on your interests. Some of these are 3 Gun, USPSA, and IDPA

V. Educate yourself on the use of force

A. Read up on the laws

B. Facing Violence by Rory Miller is a must read in my opinion.

VI. Subscribe to some good YouTube Channels

The biggest thing is to not stagnate after getting your CPL. You got it for a reason, to protect yourself and those you love. Don’t get lazy! Hopefully this gives you enough to get you started!

If you need additional tips or info on other training feel free to email us at

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