OPSEC and PERSEC are important


Two terms that you may have heard are OPSEC and PERSEC. They are both related, but cover two different areas. OPSEC stands for Operations Security. PERSEC stands for Personal Security. So what do these terms mean?

OPSEC comes from the need to keep military operations secure from hostile actors. It is the process of identifying critical information that is deemed mission essential that may be able to be used by enemy actors and developing countermeasures to keep that information safe. This can be done by encryption of email, watching what is in pictures taken to make sure nothing is given away by accident, and watching what is said on social media. The whole purpose of OPSEC is protecting the operations of the military or organization.

PERSEC comes from the need to keep personal information secure. Things like your home address, your bank info, your social security number. Most people understand that they should keep these things secret and protected, but there are some other things that are often overlooked. Things like keeping track of what you post on social media to keep from oversharing and giving someone that means you harm your daily schedule by accident, or not paying attention and letting someone tail you home from the grocery store.

Credit card numbers are sensitive information

We live in a day and age where personal information is highly sought after by virtually everyone. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon track our movements online and even in our homes with their different virtual assistants, spying on us in order to market to us more effectively. While this is not necessarily harmful, there have been at least one case where Amazon was ordered to turn over their recordings from an Amazon Echo device that was in a home where someone was murdered. This means that anything that is ever recorded by these devices could potentially be used in a court of law against you, so it is in your best interest to keep that in mind.

Keep from giving away information on social media that bad actors can ue to harm you.

There is some technology that can be useful in both OPSEC and PERSEC. The first is an email provider based out of Switzerland: protonmail.com. The email is end to end encrypted so only the sender and recipient can access the email as long as they are sent between two protonmail accounts. Because they are based in Switzerland, they are covered under Switzerland’s privacy laws. There is also an end to end texting app called Signal that is useful for more secure texting and calling. The last program is a web browser called Duck Duck Go. This is a great browser for secure study and research.

Keep safe on the web.

Hopefully this helps give a quick down and dirty of the differences of OPSEC and PERSEC and their meaning.

Stay safe and have a great day!



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