Owned By Vets.com Network Established to Help Promote Veteran Owned Businesses

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Sponsored by Owned By Vets .com

The OwnedByVets website and the Owned by Vets social media network was created to help promote Veteran owned businesses and “American Made” goods and services.

By helping to network about Veteran owned businesses, we hope to do our part to give back to those individuals who defended our freedoms and are now taking that same pride in America spirit and starting their own companies.

If you are a veteran that is starting a business, has one going already, but are trying to pick up steam, or have a fully established company that you want to try to expand, it would be worth checking them out and seeing how they can help you.

If you are looking to support veteran owned businesses, keep an eye out on their website, Facebook, Twitter, , and Instagram for info on these companies.

One of the companies that Owned By Vets is working with is a company called Milspin. Milspin does quality metal work, such as Glock slide back plates, and magazine base plates, and Harley Davidson Derby Covers.

Be sure to check out Owned By Vets and add/ follow them on social media on Facebook, Twitter, , and Instagram to keep up with the latest in veteran owned businesses.

Stay safe and have a great day.





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