Authored by: seeking_truth_in_k9s

Thousands of years ago, man had to fight for his life every single day. There was no easy way of going about this. There was only life, or death. Man needed a companion, a watchful eye, a friend. This is how dogs found their purpose. They hunted food for men, protected their families, and killed their enemies. Today, millions of dogs are nothing more than pets, circus acts, or mistreated and neglected. There are few though that see through all the BS. The ones that realize and understand a dog’s full potential, who seek to maximize their usefulness to mankind. They look to our ancestors and their dogs for answers and truth, back to their roots.

Every single breed once had a specific purpose in mankind’s world. Whether it was to kill vermin, take down game, or protect the flock, they each had a job that made their life worth living. Today as a society, we have made dog shows, kennel clubs, and horrendous inbreeding the norm. We have gotten lazy and lost sight of why we need our fellow K9 companions. They are not for show, they are not for looks, they each serve a working purpose. Dogs cannot find this purpose on their own though. For that, they need man to help them seek it out and define it.

Man hunting, agility, obedience, bite work, no matter the task, a dog needs to be worked. Their need to serve man and fulfill their duties is in their blood. Certain groups and organizations will preach that dogs deserve a life of laziness, comfort, and complacency. These things are not what build the bond between man and dog. Hardships, struggles, and distress are what form a bond. Both must work together and push their limits in order to find purpose and become fulfilled. Honor, truth, and service are what we find in their roots. We must fight against the norm, push against adversity, and better our relationship with the same K9s our ancestors relied on for survival.

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