Tips For a Relentless Self-Defense Plan

Tips For a Relentless Self-Defense Plan

1. You win 100% of the fights you are able to avoid or solve by other means. This is where being aware of your surroundings is paramount. If you are able to see potential violent encounters ahead of time, you may be able to avoid them. Another useful skill is something called verbal Judo. This is something police officers are trained in. It is using your words in a way to talk your opponent down and de-escalate the situation. Your final option is swallowing your pride and getting away from the situation. Avoid a violent confrontation if at all possible. Your job is to keep yourself and your family safe.

2. If a fight is unavoidable, you must meet the threat with Speed, Surprise, and Overwhelming Violence of Action, with Violence of Action being the most important part. This isn’t a sport. There is no fighting fair. You must hit fast and hard to turn the advantage into your favor and allow you, and/or your family to make it back home safely.

3. You must only use the level of force necessary to end the threat. This is the tricky part, but being able to justify your actions afterward is a big part of a relentless self-defense plan. you must:

a). Be an innocent party and have not done anything to escalate the situation.

b).Only use the appropriate level of force needed to defeat the threat.

c).Be in reasonable fear of death and/or grave bodily harm. (including sexual assault in many, but not all states.)

d).Be either unable to retreat or have no duty to. We recommend retreating if at all possible to do safely without putting yourself in greater danger as it is a more sure way to protect yourself physically and against future legal action.

Violent encounters are often unpredictable. If you follow these simple rules, and seek proper training, you will be better prepared to handle, or hopefully avoid, any situation you may find yourself in.

Be sure to invest in concealed carry insurance to help protect you in the aftermath if you are forced to defend yourself.

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