TRUST and Working Dogs

Authored by seeking_truth_in_k9s

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      What are we asking of our dogs when we want them to attempt something new? What do we need from them so that they will follow us into chaos? We see dogs perform incredible feats for their handlers every day. This is not something they do on a simple whim. There is an incredibly vital building block that we must instill in them from the moment they are ours. We must create trust.

      Asking a dog to defeat its enemies alone or to face new obstacles without guidance is simply absurd. Whether it is climbing a wall or engaging a threat, you must be there by its side to guide it and work as a team. Placing a dog in a situation where it feels abandoned or unsure will only bring about failure and frustration. If the trust is truly there, it will show in every aspect of their work. It is one of the foundations that many skills are built upon.

     It will bring about stability, a clear mind, and sharper thinking. When a dog can trust you will have its back, it will focus on the job at hand and perform well. One must realize though that this bond cannot be created in a single day, nor can it be bought with toys and treats. Going above and beyond the call of duty for man, being so willing to give up their life for ours, is not something brought about using cheap tricks or gimmicks. It may take a long time, even years, but trust creates success in everything. Regardless of the distractions, the difficulty, the pain, a dog will push through knowing its companion will be at the other end. The time, patience, and willingness must be there every single day when working towards this trust, but once it is gained, a dog will go to hell and back for its fellow man.

Authored By seeking_truth_in_k9s

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