We Will Not Fight The Way Your Fathers Trained

Authored by Fathead

I am a militiaman. I train to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I first took this oath when I was 17 years old joining the Army as an Infantryman. I take that oath very seriously. This oath ensures that I will do my best to safeguard our rights. One way that I can help is to ensure that training in the modern tactical arts are being conducted. Currently, I see a hesitance for militiamen, and women, to leave the old tactics that their fathers taught them, or the old crusty Vietnam vet, doing the same thing I am now, beat into them. By this I am talking about the flawed (for our current times) tactics of the Red Dawnesque bugout, and stage guerilla warfare from the hills, woods, and swamps. One thing that a person has to understand is that, this isn’t Vietnam, this isn’t the Rocky Mountains, this isn’t the 60’s and 70’s and this isn’t the 80’s and 90’s. This is Michigan. If we have to party like it’s 1776, we will be up against technology that could only have been dreamed of during those decades. That’s right, technology will be our biggest adversary and threat.

Predator Drone

The changing ways of conducting war have brought the U.S. military, the UN, and Nato to the pinnacle of technology designed to better destroy us. As militia we have no way to go force to force with any standing army. We will be crushed. That leaves guerilla warfare. But there lies the problem. All of these forces have been conducting COIN (Counter Insurgency) operations. They have been buying tech purposely designed to find and kill us at standoff range. You can currently go on YouTube and find multiple videos of drone strikes and Apache engagements. I would venture to say that in at least 75 percent of the engagements, the targets being engaged didn’t know that they were being watched before a Hellfire missile destroyed their buddies. With this change in technology has to come a change in Doctrine. We can no longer hide out in the woods where our heat signals tells our enemy where we are and isolates us from any support or protection we have. Because of this we have to become mobile, because anymore, if you cannot keep moving you have a 2,000 pound dropped on you.

Apache Missle Strike On ISIS Targets

Mobility is the key to the modern battlefield. We saw this in Libya and Syria (before the rise of ISIS). A force of highly mobile, light infantry was able to take on forces that were designed to fight conventional armies. All types of Infantry have their role. The role of Light Infantry (the type of Infantry the Militia is) is designed to sew chaos of the front. Light infantry is designed to attack the gaps of a front. These attacks cause the enemy to fill those gaps. The same principle can be used to great effect by us. If we were to attain mobility through the use of pickup trucks and vans, we could essentially, hit a target, achieve our goals, remount, move to another target and hit that target. This in the grand scheme of things makes our force twice the size. This mobility also aids us by requiring less physical fitness (something we are severely lacking) to move us across the battlefield. I highly doubt that the people that are planning on conducting guerilla warfare on foot, have ever carried a 60-70 pack for 12 miles. I’m positive that they have never carried said weight for multiple days in a row. You know what doesn’t care about 70 pounds of gear? A pickup truck. You know what does? Your body.

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Technicals have been used by highly mobile forces for many years.

It is because of this I feel that modern militias should adopt the Dragoon/ Mounted Rifle style of warfare. This method has been proven time and again to be a lethal and effective style of conducting warfare. We see the heavier version in Mechanized infantry. We see a lighter version in the Stryker brigades. We have seen what this style of force has done in Libya and Syria. We have seen this style of combat in Iraq. It was actually used to great effect by US forces in the earlier part of the war. We as militiamen, and again women, have to adapt with technology. Our forefathers adapted the technology of the time and defeated a superpower. We have to be able to do the same. For anyone that would argue this point I would ask this question. Who are you planning to fight? A modern army that lives in our current times and long ago adapted to kill you or a notional army that doesn't exist anymore?

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Authored by Fathead

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