What To Do If You Get Lost

Updated: May 4, 2019

Few people venture out into the world without several battery powered devices that are probably a lot smarter than we are. You would be hard pressed to find anyone on a trail without a GPS, Digital map, or smart phone. Unfortunately they usually fail at the worst times. So what do you do if SIRI isn’t there anymore and ALEXA can’t get a signal…? Here are some basic outdoor safety guidelines and a few tips you can use when you are super lost.

1.Make sure that you eat well before going.

2.Tell someone where you are going, when you expect to return, when to know to call the police.

3.Plan to get lost… If you plan to get lost, it probably will never happen. Bring everything you need for a night in the woods ( First Aid, Medication, Mylar Blanket, Dried Food, Water, Fire Source, Flashlight)

4.Communication is key… Especially when you’re lost. Bring your smart phone or other communication device. Don’t be a dummy.

5.Bring a compass and a map… Even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

The general consensus is that waiting in one place increases your chance of rescue. In most situations it’s best to dig in and wait for rescue to arrive. Sometimes circumstances won’t allow you to sit around. So what do you do next? There are a few things you can remember that just might save you’re a#%. First, don’t panic. Fear is almost always fatal. Find an elevated vantage point and look signs of human habitation. If that’s not possible, remember throughout all human history Humans tend to settle in valleys and near water. So if you’re left with no other option head down hill and look for a stream or river. Follow the river to a road and follow to road back to civilization.

The sun can also be one of your greatest resources. If you are Northern hemisphere, the sun is always in the southern sky. It rises in the south-east and sets in the south-west. Keep the sun at your back and you are generally headed north. The opposite is true in the southern hemisphere.

So what do you do at night? Moonlight is reflected sunlight. The bright part of the moon is facing the sun, the dark side faces away. That gives you a rough idea of east and west. When the moon is a crescent, and draw a line connecting the two points. Bring the line down to the horizon. That point where it hits the ground is approximately due north. Knowing where you are going is important. Surviving until you get there is a totally separate subject. All this aside the best thing to do is plan ahead, don’t adventure alone, and don’t get lost…

I Am Option 3

I am a firefighter/ paramedic in Tampa Fl. I have a training in wilderness survival and rural orienteering. have a 2nd deg. blackbelt in Kung Fu and I am cross training in Krav Maga and Judo.

(Who are we? That’s a great question. It’s one many people spend their entire lives trying to figure out. You want us to sum it up in one paragraph…. We are Patriots. Not the average normal kind who wears American flag t-shirts and has BBQ on Memorial Day but doesn’t really know why. We love God, our families, and our country in that order. We would gladly take a bullet for each one. We started this company based on the idea that life is a special operation. Everyone is an operator… Does that mean everyone is a Navy Seal..? No! But we are all in the battle of life together. We strive to teach our sons and our daughters to attack life, adapt to the challenges, overcome their personal obstacles and learn. As long as you learn you never really lose… We want to enable them and everyone else to win the battle of life and leave this world a better place when the battle is over. In the process we just so happen to get to sell some of the coolest gear on the planet and learn from some true American heroes. We want to enable you to fight for your life a little harder too…We’ll keep hitting life hard until Jesus comes back, hopefully you’ll join us!)

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